Devonshire® Tiramisu

A traditional Italian dessert consisting of mascarpone cheese filling, lady fingers that have been skillfully soaked in espresso with a touch of liqueur for added flavor. Finished with a dusting of cocoa powder. 9" x 12" Unsliced 2-75 oz

Devonshire® Carrot Cake

Three delicious layers of moist cake loaded with shredded carrots, pecan pieces and crushed pineapple, finished with a real cream cheese icing and garnished with pecans.10" 14 Sliced 2-96 oz

Devonshire® Black Forest Cake

Three layers of dark chocolate cake riddled with cherries and iced with whipped cream. Finished with chocolate curls and cherries. 9" 14 slice 2-96 oz

Devonshire® Red Velvet Cake

A double layer of red velvet cake surrounded and topped with a real cream cheese icing. Garnished with chocolate.10" 14 Sliced 2-64 oz



Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie

Large buttery caramel pecans, layered on a rich gooey filling with a hint of Kentucky Bourbon, all resting in an all-butter short paste crust. 10" 14 Sliced 2-88 oz

Devonshire® Key Lime Pie

An authentic key lime pie made with authentic key lime juice. This pie is baked in a graham cracker butter crust, iced with real whipped cream and decorated with candied lime slices. 12" 14 Sliced 2-70 oz


Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake

A delicious, moist, individual chocolate cake formed into a unique mini bundt form that is filled with creamy, rich, chocolate ganache. 24-4 oz

Quadruple Chocolate Mousse Pie

For the chocolate lover! Beginning with our Chocolate Decadences, we add a layer of chocolate mousse topped with a white chocolate mousse and finished with a dusting of cocoa powder. This divine dessert sits in a chocolate cookie crust. 10" 14 Sliced 2/90

Indulgence In Every Bite

Our desserts do not contain any partially hydrogenated oils, margarine or shortening.


Availability of dessert products may vary with a season and demand.

Please call your Sales Rep for current in-stock products list.

Italian Lemon Cream Cake ®

This Lemon delight is filled with tangy lemon cream and topped with a light dusting of confectioner’s sugar. 10" 12 Slices 2/66 Oz


Gourmet Turtle Cheesecake 10" 14 slices

New York Style Cheesecake resting on a thick layer of fudge, covered with a caramel sauce, garnished with chopped pecans all in a graham cracker crust. 2-96 oz


Palace Fusion Miniature Cheesecakes Cheese small indulgences are packed with distinctive flavor combinations infused into a true baked cheesecake. Available only as an assortment which includes: Mango, Pomegranate, Key Lime, Dulce De Leche, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Hazelnut and White Chocolate Raspberry. 105-1.25 oz


Long known for delivering the highest quality products available, Rykoff-Sexton® had a portfolio of desserts that were a slice above the competition. Since 2001, those products have joined the Devonshire® brand, known for its upscale desserts, known throughout the foodservice industry for using the highest quality ingredients and delivering satisfaction to a demanding customer base.

Today, Devonshire continues to create bakery and dessert products with top of the line ingredients, utilizing real butter, fresh eggs, high quality cream cheese, real vanilla, pure sugar and premium fruits in a portfolio that includes both traditional and trendy items with a contemporary twist. Operators can count on Devonshire to create menu and palette excitement!

Devonshire cookies and brownies are made by hand, carefully measuring some of the finest ingredients available including premium chocolates, fresh nuts, 100% real butter, tender raisins and real Heath Toffee, all without preservatives. Just one taste will show why Devonshire cookies and brownies are considered some of the finest available in the market today.

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